Transformers Dark of the Moon 3D

Went and watched the new Transformers movie, and as usual relating to this series, the reviews are just plain off. It was an excellent distraction and get away and is probably the best in the series. Of course I know going in, to ditch the Oscar check list for an award winning movie and prepare for a movie to take me away from everyday life. A couple of things though that really kind of threw it off continuity wise from the previous movie.

I cant say I was a fan-boy of the twins but really didnt get why the studio didnt want them in the new movie. They spoke ebonic and people took it as a negative stereotype. They learned our speech and our individual characteristics from the internet, so what? And also the Arcee motorcycle hive wasnt there. What happened to all these Autobots and why is there only 9 left in this movie? Maybe the studio felt that ebonic speaking robots as well as female type trait bots is too risky a plot. Small disappointments and really only because I know the reason for the ommisions. The studio playing it safe with a movie that really has no business playing it safe…because after all….its just fantasy.

Anyways, it worked for me and I am sure like the last flick, numbers will speak louder than negative reviews. Which means people were entertained, and thats the bottomline of a good movie. What did you think of the movie if you saw it or any other flicks this summer.

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