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RottenStar Spotlight – Adorable Audrey

This week I was slacking on the Monday spotlight due to the Holiday. And if you know us, you know thats bull cause we dont really take off Holidays unless we want to, but all the same…I am late. This week I would like to give a shout out and praise for one of the first girls we ever shot with and whom is a great friend in the business. Now hailing from Las Vegas, Adorable Audrey and her husband rock their own amateur/independant site that emphasizes on legs and glasses to name a few. A wonderful couple and a blast to shoot with as well as hang out and part. We cant wait to get down to see them because the best part of having great friends like them is never ending places to explore for new shoots. Please take the time to check out her wares at www.adorableaudrey.com and see what she has been up to. Audrey herself is a huge blogger and for those who like the written word as much as the visuals of her pics, then thats an extra bonus. – Razor