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Thong Thursday

Missed a few of our daily type themes and never did a Thursday Thong pic here yet, so here it is. All thanks to Kerri and that sexy ass of hers. The week has been busy and the month even busier as Alhana is now broadcasting cam in HD. You guys are really wearing her ass and pussy out as some of our models have been keeping my cock hard and polished with some heavy vagina buffing. So if your out there having a drink, raise a glass and have one for us cause damn it, its not Friday yet.

RottenStar.com Kerri #4

Kerri in Victorian stylings in this last weeks www.RottenStar.com update. We are getting on track to finally getting all of Alhana’s smoking preview pics posted here so we can spend some time with posting our newest wares here. If you like your women in dresses, this set should please and I put just an extra touch of my own flare to the finished images. Enjoy and hope your havign a great weekend. – Razor Rotten