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Cut2ShredZ – Happy New Year 2012

Hope you all came back safe and sound. Alhana and I have a lot in store for 2012 for all of you and it should be a more exciting year than last. Hopefully we get more snow this winter as well since we have to take some time off to enjoy the snowmobiling season. Last night we put on 20 miles with the minimal snow we had received a day before. I nice tease, but as always, more would be nice.

Glad you enjoyed Alhana’s cam archives over the week off. Some people said they went and watched them all over the Holiday week which is quite amazing as there is 17 hours of videos there. That’s a lot of Alhana action and I don’t think I could watch 17 hours of anything without getting overloaded. But its nice to hear our work is being enjoyed. We hope to do more blogging and Alhana wants to do more cam shows for our members as we have slacked in that department. I have been working on getting all of this years content ready to go so as to leave time open for new ideas and more image sets. I will leave you with another favorite SexyAlhana.com set upcoming this year. Until next time, enjoy and keep the mail coming. – Razor

Cut2ShredZ – SexyAlhana.com Update. Dec 27, 2011

Christmas came and went without a hitch. I was informed it was the best so far so I will agree with that and move on. And moving on to 2012, we hope to make the RottenStar Network better than this past year as well. As you know, this week we took a break from photo postings and have 10 Cam Archive clips uploading all week long. But that doesn’t mean I have been slacking as Alhana cams. I prepped and worked on SexyAlhana.com photo sets to be posted for 2012. Each and every Monday will feature a photo set for SexyAlhana.com (as has been the case) and we are all set until Aug 13, 2012. I like to try and keep far ahead in updates to prevent the “Oh shit, we gotta shoot something fast to post tomorrow”.  So that’s todays update on the status of one of the sites you get when you are a member of any three of our sites. Picture that follows is one of the sets you will see in 2012 and please, we love to hear from our fans and members. – Razor

Cut2ShredZ – Happy Holidays

Its Christmas Eve and I would like to take the time to wish our fans and members warm Holiday wishes. Years past I would always enjoy the sparring on various boards in the great debates about “Happy Holidays versus Merry Christmas”. Not this year and I must say it feels good not to even worry about trivial things such as how people should greet others. As long as there is some sort of good will towards others, it doesn’t really matter. The technical details should never throw a wrench in the whole feeling of what the season means to various people. So from me to you, no matter how you spend the Holidays, no matter which customs you follow, enjoy them and the people around you and come back safe. We have scheduled many Cam Archive videos next week but probably will throw in a blog or two along with some Snap/Images. Peace. – Razor

Cut2ShredZ – Thong Thursday

How about a little Thong Thursday/Blog? Of course normally the picture would follow the blog, but hell, even I would rather look at the pictures than read the article. Don’t believe me? Just look at the picture above. I fucking love thongs and don’t bullshit me, you all do too. I always say, a bad day here at work beats any good day working at a “regular” job. Again, I refer you to the image above. But I will humbly admit that we dont do as we please all the time and members requests always come first, and that supply to demand would technically mean that we are working.

Anyways, lets cut the small talk and ask the real question of the day. Where the hell is all the snow? Do you have snow and if so, why are you hoarding it all? A Christmas without snow in Minnesota is like a California Summer beach without bikini clad women. It just doesn’t feel right. There is nothing more depressing than a cold winter day with no snow. And worse yet, its trying to snow, but the minimal flake here and there falling to a brown landscape feels more like a nuclear winter. I feel like I should go out with my combat shotgun and frag some super mutants that drive by. So lets get busy Mother Nature and get to producing ass deep powder.

Cut2Shredz – First Snow Storm of the Winter

So Saturday we had our first major snow dumping of the season. The roads were piling up and slick as hell. So I figured it was a good day to test the truck after we replaced the transmission and fuel pump. I wanted to make sure things were working well before putting in the front drive shaft for 4 wheel drive. Which was probably the thing I should have done before hitting the road with a trailer in nasty conditions. Its all good and the trip down the interstate was exciting and full of scenery in the way of people in the ditch. The reason to risk life and limb? To pick up Alhana’s new riding toy as we are going to get in some play time after busting ass all summer and fall. Its in good shape, but needs some serious clutching adjustments, which I already have setup on my spare clutches I use for my ZR600. Just a quick post and I should be writing more in the future.

Cut2ShredZ – New Phone Research

I sort of go overboard on researching new things such as motherboards, cameras, and things that generally cost over $50. Now we are in the market for some new phones. Our 2 year period is about up and it would be nice to get something for quick snaps and videos we can post on the fly. Either to Twitter or this blog. So we had it wrapped up to get the Droid Bionic, actually two, and was 100% ready to drop cash for them.

Until they just announced the new Droid Razr. What the Fuck, man?! Basically it looks to have the same exact features as the Bionic with minor differences.  Dont really care if the battery is removable or not and the minimum in processor speed boost (1.0 vs 1.2) really doesn’t mean the Bionic is that much slower to the casual user. I do like that the SD card is accessed without battery removal on the Razr. Other than that, I think it will come down to what the display will look like. That and photo and video quality. Which will be light years ahead of our ENV3’s but just have to make sure.

So there you have it. Motorola put a wrench into things for us and I hope they get the reviews done ASAP for the Razr. If anything else, we will just get one of each when it is released and if one outshines the other, we will exchange it. Or just use both if they are equal. Ideas? Thoughts?

Razor Rotten

Cut2ShredZ.com – October Posts

Been awhile since I have posted anything other than work related preview pics and such. Now that I semi-sort of caught up on all the previews, at least the photo sets, I can let you know whats been happening non-work related.

Fall is here and although I would normally say its the chilly time, its actually been in the 80’s. Which is kind of creepy when you are outside and it looks fallish but the weather contradicts what your use to. Kind of like a bad dream. But, the other shoe will drop and the temps will plummet fast, I am sure. So we have been cleaning up around the yard.

Which leads me to yard cleaning. Why, no matter how much you pick up in the fall and clear the yard of all that it has, you always have spring clean up. It amazes me how much shit piles up in the middle of the winter to be picked up the next spring. Weird.

Changed out Alhana’s brake pads in the front of her car. She helped and it went pretty smooth. Waiting on new front struts and have to get a new spring compressor to get the job done right. Most all suspension work I have ever done was on trucks and non-strut vehicles, but it actually should go pretty smooth. Thanks to a terrible MN road, it slammed one of the struts pretty fucking hard and lost its cushion.

Also had to fix the snow thrower. One of the augers had two tines snap and got all twisted within itself. They wanted $150 for a new one and I broke out the welder and torches to see if we could remedy the situation in house. Took alot of heat and twisting to get the tines back in shape, and strangly enough, they welded up nice. I figured for sure they were going to be made of junk metal that is a fucking mess to MIG. Should have taken pics, but I am sure the other side will give out soon.

Soon we will be getting new phones and trade in our ENV3’s for a pair of Droid Bionics. Hopefully that will allow us to post and blog more impromptu life shit rather than snap on a camera and edit and post. Something to streamline what happens now to you in real time. Something our ENV cant do efficiently. ANyways, thats that and we will keep you updated. –Razor Rotten

Cut2ShredZ.com – Star Wars BluRay

There is alot of fuss going on about the Star Wars new Blu Rays coming out and I suppose I am one of the few that will be buying them. And when I say “one of the few”, I mean that in relation to other Star Wars fans who are older than 35. Honestly, I dont see what the big fuss is about. I am glad there are some changes and CGI added. I am definately not in the crowd who says, “Leave the clsssic alone”. Mainly because I have grown used to realism and cutting edge imagery to try and make fantasy movies look as though they could be real. I dont fall for the “I want the movie as I remembered it as when I was a kid” line of debate, cause quite frankly, our relations with movies changed as we grow older. Land of the Lost was a great rememberance in my childhood, but I cant bear to watch it now and no matter how much I loved it then, I cant stand the reuns now with such crappy special effects.

I love the idea of replacing the puppet Yoda with a CGI version. After watching Empire Strikes Back, it was sort of corny looking and as great a story as it is…the rigid puppetry compared to the CGI Yoda is distracting. And lets face it, to have a timeless story for generations to love, you have to rise to the level of believability as well as story telling for youngsters to love the movie. Kids expect more with the level of movie making that has progressed. Transformers was well excecuted and raked in because they didnt use stop-capture motion. Personally I would love to see CGI star fighters and AT-ATs to make the action more involved because its tough to fully enjoy the special effects of the original movies after being immersed in the visual eye candy the prequels gave us.

For me, I love the improved visuals as much as the story. The new V series was light years ahead of the 80’s version as was the Knight Rider series. Sadly both didnt last long. And knowing a full reboot would never happen and shouldnt for the Star Wars saga, at least tweek some of it to bring up to my levels of what made the movie so great to begin with…cutting edge movie making. It was great back then because of the great special effects as well as the story. So if George Lucas wants to add blinking eyelids to the Ewoks to try to get away from the Halloween costume look they now have, let him do it. And I will spoil the suprize of something no one has thought of yet who are saying the re-issues of Star Wars is just to get more of your money. They are re-releasing them in 3D so I will bet anything that they will come out in Blu Ray in 3D a couple of years from now.

Razor Rotten

Cut2ShredZ.com – Renaissance Festival

Last weekend of the summer and we spent it in the cities shopping and taking in hte sights at the MN Renaissance Festival. Alhana got semi dressed up and I think next year we will go all out. Great times and tons of walking excersize. Not to mention the excersize our eyes got while looking at the beautiful sights such as shown below. I do admit that we perhaps spent just as much time looking for our car when we left as we did throughout the whole festival. Damn it, thats a huge field and the cars were in the thousands. What we need to do is take the truck next year and plant a huge fucking flag on top to make matters easier.

Then it was off to the Mall of America. Looks as though they are building on again and there was no lack of sights there either. Lots of new stores, eateries, and assloads of people. Didnt spend much cash there but Alhana did get some sexy new outfits. I was going to pick up some new CDs but with the prices Amazon has been charging, its more benificial to wait a few days and get them in the mail. And that about wraps up this blog post as well as summer. It has been great and Fall looks to be just as exciting. Let me just leave this pic here and I will be on my way.

Razor Rotten

Posting Video Previews Like a MadMan

Now that all of Alhana’s photo updates and Snap Images are up to date in the previews section, I am now working fast and hard at getting all the images up of the videos we offer for download in WMV and MP4 formats for our members. Obviously, these are the videos that first found their way on our Clips4Sale stores. We are always uploading and posting new clips on the RottenStar Network that we had first posted to C4S.

Our first batches of preview posts (SexyAlhana and SmokingAlhana clip previews to come very soon as well) features our first year of RottenStar.com’s business. Lots of hardcore fucking of Violet, Aurora, and her twin sister Sinthia happened in those months. We still have clips of myself penetrating Sinthia’s pussy that we havent put up yet. Crazy nuts how many clips we shoot that stack up to the point we have to make way for the new models, only to return to the old videos later on. Well, back to it and we will see you tomorrow with a new update of Kerri, I do believe. Speaking of which, its time for us to head back to the cities to shoot massive amounts of content this fall. Work work work,

15 Years Plus this weeks News

Alhana and I celebrated our 15 yaers of marriage anniversary. I do believe it also marks 19 years of being together total. A pretty decent feat considering we have been working next to each other for the past 5 years every single day. So the weekend was pretty uneventful but we did do some shopping and dinner Saturday up in Duluth. It was nice to take a day off after a damn fine week of work.

And speaking of work. I finally finished up posting every single photo set for SexyAlhana.com and SmokingAlhana.com. Thats 340+ images sets and previews posted on this site. Also got most of all the RottenStar.com previews of the girls up as well. Just a few left I think, but they will be complete and up to date soon. Now to get all our Snap Image sets up as well as the preview pics for all our videos on all three sites. Then, and only then can we be cought up and do some serious posting here.

Thank you for all the warm wishes and all that. We will get some more member video blogs up this week and some impromtu member shows as well. Keep tuned to Twitter and the member main chatter box for those shows as I will announce those 10 minutes prior to show time.

Captain America: First Avenger

In our summer off days we have been checking out a few movies in the theaters and the latest, Captain America, was a fantastic flick. I enjoyed the X Men First Class time period look and feel, and  Captain America has that same classic style. As with Thor, the movie does feel as if its uncomplete towards the end, although the adventure is just as satisfying. Like others have said, these two movies are, more or less, a huge lead in to the Avengers movie next May. Sort of a back story that doesnt end as the film is obviously pointing towards something else to come. Which is the opposite of movies in the past. Where a movie has a finished and complete ending, and then sales dictate if a sequel should start shooting. So in that sense, I am glad they had a vision and drove forward regardless of Thor’s or Captain America’s audience draw. Which was very decent anyways.

Now we just have to wait and see how they combine all four movies for the Avengers with differences in styles. Iron Mans technological present day look, the Hulks “X Men” -ish mutation, Thors magical realm, and the classic feel of Captain America. Four different approches combined into what? We will have to wait and wait, I cant. Its going to fucking rock. – Razor Rotten

Cut2ShredZ – Titty Tuesday

Today its the middle of summer and the fittest of the fit are out there showing it off. I love all women but today is Athletic titty inspections. And Reyes has a gorgeous thin tall form, and I would know. A tall drink of a woman and humerous as all hell. Small breasts are not a bad thing, in fact with a shot of cum in the right spot, one could only imagine they would grow in nine months time. Either way, she is beautiful and I tip my hat to all these lovely ladies on whats known as Titty Tuesday.