Starting today we have a new account ( ) for use with our site for members. I will follow Alhana around and broadcast when she is working. We may or may not be able to chat directly to members while broadcasting but if your in the right spot at the right time, it could happen. You never know what we will be doing, you have to keep checking in on the RottenStar Members page.

Members shows are for members of,, and as being a member of one site, makes you a member of all our sites.


Non-Members can view the show or join in while its in progress at


9 thoughts on “RSN MEMBER CAM Shows”

  1. Hope your all enjoying the Members Voyeur Cam. There have been some crazy hot shows since we started this service for members. Make the most out of your membership and stop in.

  2. “nrw” deck? Is that suppose to be “new”? Cause we are tearing the deck down but not putting up new. Making way for a 18×12 addition. But that would be a good idea outside at the demo site.

  3. To get things started, I think a great Members Show would be one that is In Real Life type stuff. Alhana getting ready, shower shows, baths, and the like. Would like to hear from members on what they would like to see. Tell us what you want and lets have some fun.

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