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RottenStar Network

We refer to the amateur sites we own and operate as the “RottenStar Network”. What it all boils down to is that should you join one of the sites we include in the “Network”, you also gain access automatically to the others. Long story shortened…we didnt really plan to have more than one pay site and didnt look ahead like we should have. So the downside, if you want to call it that, is that our Credit Card merchant (CC Bill) tweaked it so we could have all access to the sites we offered, but (and heres the down part)…when you travel across members areas the first time, you fill out your User Namer and Password to reach those areas like you do for any site. Enable “remember password” or whatever is available and its smooth sailing from there on out. Not a biggie, but just to let you know that all the sites listed below this segment are all access with nothing extra to pay. And we do expect our members to make use of all the areas to get the full experience of what Alhana and I are doing day to day. The sites that are All Access, and it doesnt matter which one you subscribe to, are:




A simple page I really need to get cracking on that is nothing more than a landing page to direct folks to videos we shoot and place on “pay to own” clips sites. (Clips4Sale for example). Not included with our RottenStar Network of sites as its not a pay site, but most of all the videos we shoot end up going to be placed within RottenStar.com (for example) for our members to download and keep. But dont wait for that clip you have been looking at there to be placed quickly on SmokingAlhana.com as an update because we are shooting roughly 30, at minimum, solo smoking clips a month and only update one clip a week on each of the three sites. We are shooting for about 150 downloadable clips on our Pay Sites a year, but we shoot 10 times that to keep ahead and to keep our Clips members happy with new offerings. A final note would be to inform our video clip lovers that we do have planned a couple of stores for Clips4Sale where those videos will not be released to our paysites due to content that is frowned upon by our site hosts. Which is not a bad thing as its nice to keep some of our videos exclusive to other places.

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