NEWS Jan 9, 2013 – 2013

Happy New Year folks. The word for the first half of 2013 in news for RSN members is “substance”. What do I mean by that? For the past few weeks and every day since, we have been going into sets and adding text where there was none. To fill out and finish the sets we have posted. Images are great, but I always felt that if there was not even a touch of text to go with it, there was something lacking. And this year we are going to fill in those blanks with, “substance”.

Tonight I will have finished adding text to every models photo pages. Alhana is currently writing text for each one of her photo updates at a rate of one set a day. Her text writing maybe different from the ones I wrote if she is posing with another model and thus you get her view point as well on her pages. Same goes if I am in the set. I will put a little different spin and thoughts on my page. So if Alhana and I both shoot with a model, there would be three places to view those same sets, each with their own text. A basic run down on the model we shot with page, Alhana’s page with her own thoughts, and my page on the RottenStar Mmebers side with my own writings. Just a little something that we feel adds to the feel.

And lastly, I know we have been late on certain sets, but be assured we are keeping up to quota on what is being posted even if it means back to back postings to keep up. As always, we have Mondays scheduled for sets, Fridays for sets, and Wednesdays for a photo set. Tuesdays and Thursdays are scheduled video days located on our members Video Tube page. Plus we are scattering snap/image sets in there and will get working on more video blogs. Thank you for your support and have a Happy 2013 (with substance). – Razor