NEWS Dec 19, 2012 – Cam show and misc

Tomorrow Alhana plans a baking show for members and expect a start time at 8 or 9 CST in the AM. Cookies will be baked in the nude. Keep tuned to our Twitter feed for exact start times and more than likely, we will have two video feeds going which mean I will provide another cam on the members side of

As per my text yesterday on the Audrey update, I am getting my lazy ass moving on text. Yes, the images are the best part but damn it, I need to flesh this fucker out. So everyday I will be going through and adding some thoughts and words to 5 updates on Tonight I added text to Aeria  #2 & #3, Afton #1, Aryse #1, and Audrey #1. Which also means I will be posting more NEWS on this blog page. Keep tuned and see you tomorrow. РRazor

NEWS – Dec 18, 2012

As you may or not be aware of, Alhana and I are experimenting a bit in animation in still form through our own little comics creation. Mostly an extension of our blogs and daily thoughts. Comic strips always enhanced my entertainment through growing up and still does at times. And we thought it would be fun to try our hand at coming up with our own witty or entertaining comic venue. Of course as with all things artistic, should we stick with it, todays creations will definitely look a bit aged as we continue to redefine our creations. But thats the fun of it. Our first two are going to be placed here and on our respective blogs. and Let us know what you think and lets get some more comments going. – Razor

NEWS – 12-12-12 (Photo Updates and Tweaks)

Thought I would jump in and post a little bit of news on 12-12-12. Especially since the end of the world is coming up on the 21st or 22nd or some crazy shit. Anyways, shall we get to it?

Photo sets, as you may have seen on and, have increased in size. Both pixel size and file sizes. We wanted to offer a bit larger images as we progress in our work here. And in doing so, we have employed techniques that we probably should have for awhile as photographers. Now instead of shooting JPEG and quick edits before posting, we have been shooting and learning more about RAW manipulation. Its always exciting to learn new methods and push our knowledge into actual working sets, and thus far, it the photos look great. We have only been shooting RAW for a month now, but I have been also toying with opening up our archived sets and giving them an update in size and polish. Kind of working backwards from this point as I have time. Anyways, I suppose the bottom line is that our old size was 1280×853 and now we are posting our sets at 2000×1333. Thus far, that only applies to and photo sets.

And that’s that for todays news. Hope you had a great Hump Day and make sure to keep updated via our Twitter feeds. We try to keep every little update to the members side posted as we do them. I do it more than she does as I do tweak the sites as she is on cam most of the time. Which, by the way, as members I hope you drop by the Voyeur Cam as it has been running alot lately. Until next time. – Razor