May 24, 2012 News

Just a quick update to keep our members informed. Recently I built a new super PC to edit HD clips and do other various tasks more efficiently. In doing so, I knew I was going to upgrade Alhana’s PC to Windows 7 Ultimate (dual boot it with XP intact) and this was a good way to migrate and test our Adobe software on my PC. Everything is smooth as silk but Dreamweaver was a touch difficult to get to act right with what I was use to on her XP machine. Especially the video streaming pages. But I think I have it worked out and I am now using my new PC for 100% of what I was doing on hers. So if you were experiencing a few video glitches this week, it was me getting Dreamweaver in synch with using Windows 7 Ultimate. Once we get hers up to date (already have a new WD Velociraptor dedicated for such purposes) then it will be smooth sailing.  – Razor

May 20, 2012

Posted Cam Archives #139 and #140 on for your viewing pleasure this weekend and also got‘s new photo set up already (with a preview pic coming next post). Which, BTW, I must say once again for members of or…is free to see. Buy one membership to any one of our three sites and you get them ALL. Just plug in your User Name and Password to gain access to the other member sides. I dont know how much more simple I can make it, but obviously its still causes confusion. Sigh. – Razor