Fifty Shades of Grey and Us.

I seen some pretty odd and crazy interveiws this week about a trilogy of books by E.L. James by the name Fifty Shades of Grey. Basically a series of books focusing on fantasy that revolves around BDSM and the such. As I haven’t read them, I can relate that the books were written as entertainment to stir up the mind and body, perhaps in sexual ways. Of course many shows somehow turned such entertainment as negative propaganda against women and the violence that they endure in real life. Why do media heads, if you want to label them as such, have to drive the conversation about every single topic to how it is destroying peoples lives?

Books like E.L. James trilogy, and I am sure there are thousands, are nothing more than entertainment. Like our sites, they are meant to stimulate the mind and body in a sexual way. You remember sex as being a natural biological force, right? But I guess in this twisted fucked up society, books and movies depicting humans splattering the brains of other humans all over the wall, is morally the way our thought lines should go in terms of entertainment. But I suppose, that even in the negative light some people place certain entertainment outlets, the Fifty Shades books probably made out pretty well with a boost in sales. And for that, thank you media for turning trivial matters of fiction into false hype about how we are destroying America’s morals. Sorry, we can do that just fine on our own without your help. – Razor