Saturday Update – Feb 18, 2012

A few changes are in store for our sites but first let me say that we apologize for the lack of photo sets the past two weeks. We will get them up and get some additional sets up for missing the past two weeks. But don’t fret, members, there is plenty of new smoking clips over on the members side for you to enjoy as well.

We are going to revert this site, blog, preview page, etc. back to just putting up previews for our adult content offerings. Which means that we will continue posting RottenStar Network Site update previews for members of RottenStar/SexyAlhana/SmokingAlhana. Also I may start posting previews from our page, which is just a gateway to our Clips4Sale stores. Which as you know, the clips from there end up being available in time on our sites, but some wont and will be exclusive only to our Clips stores. I will be sure to note this in some manner to let you know that any video previews being posted here is not on the RottenStar/SexyAlhana/SmokingAlhana members side for download.

Lastly, we have raised Alhana’s blog,, back on its own site. We tried to incorporate it here, but it just looked to confusing for most and thought it would be best to give her back her own place to blog. So check it out and comment like crazy to keep her busy. And that’s about all I have for today. I will try to do more of these informative type posts that relate directly to our sites to make sure your all in the loop. Take care. – Razor