Cut2ShredZ – Update. Dec 27, 2011

Christmas came and went without a hitch. I was informed it was the best so far so I will agree with that and move on. And moving on to 2012, we hope to make the RottenStar Network better than this past year as well. As you know, this week we took a break from photo postings and have 10 Cam Archive clips uploading all week long. But that doesn’t mean I have been slacking as Alhana cams. I prepped and worked on photo sets to be posted for 2012. Each and every Monday will feature a photo set for (as has been the case) and we are all set until Aug 13, 2012. I like to try and keep far ahead in updates to prevent the “Oh shit, we gotta shoot something fast to post tomorrow”.  So that’s todays update on the status of one of the sites you get when you are a member of any three of our sites. Picture that follows is one of the sets you will see in 2012 and please, we love to hear from our fans and members. – Razor

Cut2ShredZ – Happy Holidays

Its Christmas Eve and I would like to take the time to wish our fans and members warm Holiday wishes. Years past I would always enjoy the sparring on various boards in the great debates about “Happy Holidays versus Merry Christmas”. Not this year and I must say it feels good not to even worry about trivial things such as how people should greet others. As long as there is some sort of good will towards others, it doesn’t really matter. The technical details should never throw a wrench in the whole feeling of what the season means to various people. So from me to you, no matter how you spend the Holidays, no matter which customs you follow, enjoy them and the people around you and come back safe. We have scheduled many Cam Archive videos next week but probably will throw in a blog or two along with some Snap/Images. Peace. – Razor