Cut2Shredz – First Snow Storm of the Winter

So Saturday we had our first major snow dumping of the season. The roads were piling up and slick as hell. So I figured it was a good day to test the truck after we replaced the transmission and fuel pump. I wanted to make sure things were working well before putting in the front drive shaft for 4 wheel drive. Which was probably the thing I should have done before hitting the road with a trailer in nasty conditions. Its all good and the trip down the interstate was exciting and full of scenery in the way of people in the ditch. The reason to risk life and limb? To pick up Alhana’s new riding toy as we are going to get in some play time after busting ass all summer and fall. Its in good shape, but needs some serious clutching adjustments, which I already have setup on my spare clutches I use for my ZR600. Just a quick post and I should be writing more in the future.