Cut2ShredZ – New Phone Research

I sort of go overboard on researching new things such as motherboards, cameras, and things that generally cost over $50. Now we are in the market for some new phones. Our 2 year period is about up and it would be nice to get something for quick snaps and videos we can post on the fly. Either to Twitter or this blog. So we had it wrapped up to get the Droid Bionic, actually two, and was 100% ready to drop cash for them.

Until they just announced the new Droid Razr. What the Fuck, man?! Basically it looks to have the same exact features as the Bionic with minor differences.¬† Dont really care if the battery is removable or not and the minimum in processor speed boost (1.0 vs 1.2) really doesn’t mean the Bionic is that much slower to the casual user. I do like that the SD card is accessed without battery removal on the Razr. Other than that, I think it will come down to what the display will look like. That and photo and video quality. Which will be light years ahead of our ENV3’s but just have to make sure.

So there you have it. Motorola put a wrench into things for us and I hope they get the reviews done ASAP for the Razr. If anything else, we will just get one of each when it is released and if one outshines the other, we will exchange it. Or just use both if they are equal. Ideas? Thoughts?

Razor Rotten – October Posts

Been awhile since I have posted anything other than work related preview pics and such. Now that I semi-sort of caught up on all the previews, at least the photo sets, I can let you know whats been happening non-work related.

Fall is here and although I would normally say its the chilly time, its actually been in the 80’s. Which is kind of creepy when you are outside and it looks fallish but the weather contradicts what your use to. Kind of like a bad dream. But, the other shoe will drop and the temps will plummet fast, I am sure. So we have been cleaning up around the yard.

Which leads me to yard cleaning. Why, no matter how much you pick up in the fall and clear the yard of all that it has, you always have spring clean up. It amazes me how much shit piles up in the middle of the winter to be picked up the next spring. Weird.

Changed out Alhana’s brake pads in the front of her car. She helped and it went pretty smooth. Waiting on new front struts and have to get a new spring compressor to get the job done right. Most all suspension work I have ever done was on trucks and non-strut vehicles, but it actually should go pretty smooth. Thanks to a terrible MN road, it slammed one of the struts pretty fucking hard and lost its cushion.

Also had to fix the snow thrower. One of the augers had two tines snap and got all twisted within itself. They wanted $150 for a new one and I broke out the welder and torches to see if we could remedy the situation in house. Took alot of heat and twisting to get the tines back in shape, and strangly enough, they welded up nice. I figured for sure they were going to be made of junk metal that is a fucking mess to MIG. Should have taken pics, but I am sure the other side will give out soon.

Soon we will be getting new phones and trade in our ENV3’s for a pair of Droid Bionics. Hopefully that will allow us to post and blog more impromptu life shit rather than snap on a camera and edit and post. Something to streamline what happens now to you in real time. Something our ENV cant do efficiently. ANyways, thats that and we will keep you updated. –Razor Rotten