Kerri #4

Kerri in Victorian stylings in this last weeks update. We are getting on track to finally getting all of Alhana’s smoking preview pics posted here so we can spend some time with posting our newest wares here. If you like your women in dresses, this set should please and I put just an extra touch of my own flare to the finished images. Enjoy and hope your havign a great weekend. – Razor Rotten

Captain America: First Avenger

In our summer off days we have been checking out a few movies in the theaters and the latest, Captain America, was a fantastic flick. I enjoyed the X Men First Class time period look and feel, and  Captain America has that same classic style. As with Thor, the movie does feel as if its uncomplete towards the end, although the adventure is just as satisfying. Like others have said, these two movies are, more or less, a huge lead in to the Avengers movie next May. Sort of a back story that doesnt end as the film is obviously pointing towards something else to come. Which is the opposite of movies in the past. Where a movie has a finished and complete ending, and then sales dictate if a sequel should start shooting. So in that sense, I am glad they had a vision and drove forward regardless of Thor’s or Captain America’s audience draw. Which was very decent anyways.

Now we just have to wait and see how they combine all four movies for the Avengers with differences in styles. Iron Mans technological present day look, the Hulks “X Men” -ish mutation, Thors magical realm, and the classic feel of Captain America. Four different approches combined into what? We will have to wait and wait, I cant. Its going to fucking rock. – Razor Rotten