Transformers Dark of the Moon 3D

Went and watched the new Transformers movie, and as usual relating to this series, the reviews are just plain off. It was an excellent distraction and get away and is probably the best in the series. Of course I know going in, to ditch the Oscar check list for an award winning movie and prepare for a movie to take me away from everyday life. A couple of things though that really kind of threw it off continuity wise from the previous movie.

I cant say I was a fan-boy of the twins but really didnt get why the studio didnt want them in the new movie. They spoke ebonic and people took it as a negative stereotype. They learned our speech and our individual characteristics from the internet, so what? And also the Arcee motorcycle hive wasnt there. What happened to all these Autobots and why is there only 9 left in this movie? Maybe the studio felt that ebonic speaking robots as well as female type trait bots is too risky a plot. Small disappointments and really only because I know the reason for the ommisions. The studio playing it safe with a movie that really has no business playing it safe…because after all….its just fantasy.

Anyways, it worked for me and I am sure like the last flick, numbers will speak louder than negative reviews. Which means people were entertained, and thats the bottomline of a good movie. What did you think of the movie if you saw it or any other flicks this summer.

Cut2ShredZ – Titty Tuesday

Starting a new trend here that is most common elsewhere in the amateur world. Most call it Tittie Tuesday but I like to be different. There is one thing missing from Aeria’s darkened tits and thats a nice creamy load of cum to show some contrast. And with that tongue out, why dont we place a few drops there as well. I am sure I will get Alhana to make her submissions and lets see if we can get something rolling.

Razor’s Monday Updates – June 27, 2011

Havent done one of these in awhile so I thought I would give you all the low down from the past week and what I have been up to.

– Summer is rocking finally as the weather is above freezing. About fucking time. Which means outdoor shoots galore. I normally like to shoot in the fall, but I think we need to get some serious warm weather shots done. Maybe some waterfall shots and videos.

– Picked up some great security cameras and recording devices for the home. After reading the manuals, I found out we can do a little tweaking and use the system as a streaming server. Might test it out and pick up another set of cameras and DVRs and put them to use in the perv office for our members.

– Shoots are going well and although we are close to two years out in material for, its nice to keep the flow going. Especially in the videos department which tend to be viewed much quicker on our Clips sites. Somedays I wish there were more of me cause it seems someone is always ready to get naked for all of you. In addition to a couple of new models we picked up last two weeks, be on the look out for new Calysta and Violet sets in the near future. Gonna shoot the next couple days so it should be exciting.

– Added a chatter box in the members area. Use it and let us know if its a keeper or if we should ditch it. Also set up the new Video Blog page for the members as well. Alhana put up a cool clip on there today.

– And thats about it work wise. Stay tuned and if you have any requests comments or gripes, drop a line here or email us. Have a fantastic week. I will be posting more previews from and to try and get up to date. Maybe 10 preview posts a day. Hopefully by summers end we will be caught up.