Games and People

So there was some heated controversy in the Android market this week as the producers of a dog fighting game decided to pull the wares after some heated discussion online. Click the link above for more info. Basically people are bent out of shape over a a game that allows people to train video game dogs to fight each other. After reading the article I was amazed how this became headlines enough to have the game pulled. Its a game people. With the hundreds of games that have players shooting, blowing up, and taking humans heads off, I find it very odd that the game that heats people up is one that involves violence between animals. What the fuck? Some people were quoted as saying, “its not the right message to kids to have a game where they train dogs to kill each other.” Oh, but I suppose killing other people is fine when its done in a video game? Either way, I say its bullshit. Its entertainment and falls into the common sense thinking that just because I see it on TV, movies, music, or games….doesnt make it right to do in real life. Entertainment is not a substitute for life choice making, its just to waste hours and tickle your fancy while taking a break from real life.

And thats what FaceBook has to offer. Throw images of your friends from tall building in their game. Hilarious that people are giggling and finding it amusing to throw real pictures of people they know from a building only to see them disgusted at animals and humans in pixelated form going at it on screens. People are fucking idiots when it comes to shit like that. They will sit on the couch with their kids and watch network tv shows with gunfire and violence…but at the first frame of a naked ass or breast they get all bent out of shape. Meaning they prefer their children to accept violence as more appropriate than sexuality in life. And lets not forget the “No animals were harmed in the making of this film” in the end credits. Thats because we could give two shits less if some stunt double dies and is only newsworthy enough to hit page 32 in the paper. Think about it people, thats fucked up.

I dont condone dog fighting as I dont believe in actual violence against real people. That said, I like entertainment and believe people who can differentiate the two (real and fake) should be able to immerse themselves into whatever sick and twisted plot someone creates for my break from this fucked up reality. But I also understand thats my choice and the norm as it should be in our little part of the world. I do realize dog fighting and even the consuming of canines is common in other parts of the world and thats fine by me as who am I to judge another peoples laws and cultures? I mean really, we in America favor on screen killings of people over sex as normal. – Razor

Jennifers Body and Jonah Hex

This past weekend Direct TV was running a free promotional viewing for HBO and Cinemax and it must have been a Megan Fox theme weekend for HBO’s movies as she was in four of the movies in rotation. Weird. Anyways, we are so glad we never bought Jennifers Body or Jonah Hex as they were two movies we wanted to get. Alhana and I love the shit out of that woman, but damn, Jennifers Body sucked ass. And Jonah Hex wasnt all bad, just jumped around too much and never really established any solid character development. And I have to say, Megan Fox wasnt the key component in both of those movies faults…it was clearly in the writing because I couldnt imagine any actor or actress saving the plots and story in Jennifers Body. Even Amanda Seyfried was there and fine in form but how can anyone make anything positive out of the shit lines they gave her and Megan?

So there you have it. I will say that there are movies that fell apart because of the actors, but these two flicks are not the case. Lot of people were harsh on Megan Fox and the movies she was in and its not quite fair. Put her in a movie that has a great plot and terrific writing and then lets gauge her acting. I am not saying she will shine and I want to prove that she is great, but I also cant fault her or anyone if the movie bombs cause the story sucked ass. Hell, even in Jonah Hex, the lead guy couldnt carry that mess and he was fantastic in Old Country for Old Men. Hell, even Amanda had some great roles where she rocked recently.

And I love the shit out of the Transformers flicks but even then its tough to gauge Megan Fox in those movies. When you pay to see classic summer blockbusters with babes, cars, explosions, etc….your not really looking to be moved by great acting spewing out thought jarring performances. As long as the acting isnt something so bad as to be detered every time you see it…then its all good. Hell, she could have been the lead role replacing Shia as the main character and I bet it would have been the same movies. – Razor