X Men Origins – Wolverine

Watched Wolverine Origins last night on BD and although we seen it in the theaters, it was a pretty good flick. One thing that kind of throws me off is the storylines and the time they take place. I have read hard core comic fans gripes about the characters and how Hollywood is destroying their stories. I am not one of those people but I do notice things some people might find not up to par. One thing in particular is the new X Men First Class flick coming out this year. Emma Frost and Xavier are the same age, or at least Xavier isnt bald…but in Wolverine she is a teen and when Xavier rescues them in the end….he is the bald Patrick Stewart. Another thing is, as a normal movie goer, you know they fucked up the very first X Men movie in the series when there is no mention by anyone that Sabertooth is Logans brother. I know Wolverine lost his memory, but Sabertooth is reduced to a mindless idiot in the first X Men movie. Anyways, I understand there are many different versions and incarnations of the comics as there are the movies. Just saying that for normal folks, certain inconsistancies may say “WTF”?

End of Week Blurbs (March 25th, 2011)

– So it warmed up and then it cooled off this week and dumped an assload of snow. A good thing to get a few more rides in on the sled but it was a pain in the ass to clear out the snow in front of the garage. It was about 4 feet deep in some parts of the drifts. But I think winter is dead and wont linger for much longer. WHich means sport bike season is soon to follow.

– Installed some new CPU coolers on two of our PCs. Ordered Arctic Freezer 7 Pro and its a good thing we build our PCs with the biggest cases they make. The coolers are huge and dropped the temps in one PC from 65-75C to 36-42C which is a great drop on the 775 chipset. And the best part is they are super easy to intall and the noise levels are nonexistant on our i7 build. I did have to place the fan blowing up instead of back towards the case as they show due to RAM placement issues…but its no biggie and works fine.

– Our new PS3 got here with KillZone 3 and its a pretty sweet game and pretty easy to get into coming from a PC backround. Absolutely looks amazing on our 65″ HDTV. We are looking to pick up another PS3 and place a 55″ in our bedroom for some family missions to add to our PC gaming nights. Some people shake their heads when anyone mentions having three systems but to be honest, we could buy three PS3′s and three new TVs and still be cheaper off than one of our PC builds. Hell, Alhana’s i7 chip and motherboard was $850 so technically in gaming standards, $300 is a drop in the bucket.

– Sadly, our Sony receiver died so I am in the market for a new surround system. Time to invest in 7.1 and some new speakers while buying since that seems to be the standard. Probably stick with Sony as the one we are looking at will hook up to all our other equipment.It was 6 years old so I cant bitch. Probably should have upgraded when we bought our HD-DVD player a few years back, which now is collecting dust as we gambled on the wrong HD format and then had to get a Blu Ray player two years ago. Ugh.

– Taxes are due in a month and I havent touched them yet. I always procrastinate and since we dont get any taken out, I cringe at the thought of paying in. So far, so good but it still makes me put them off till the last minute. Even when I knew I was getting money back I waited. Guess I am not in that big of a rush or expecting to need that refund (or pay in) like so many others do. Not saying that people who rush to get money are wrong, but I just have the mentality never to rely on money from the Government as an income booster. Which is a good thing because I hope the Gov doesnt expect me to do my taxes early if I owe them. LMAO.