Video Conversions and Friday Night Tech Talk

So heres a tidbit on what we do  when we are not shooting, fucking, sucking, or otherwise being perverted adults entertaining others. You know I had 10 2TB hard disk drives sent here so I can back up alot of our content. Alot of that content is coming from the past 5 years that we recorded to MiniDV, which was the best way to shoot video at the time. So I have been downloading 200+ hours of video to our PC’s and then backing them up then storing the tapes. This way its easier to grab video when I need it on the fly. Plus we have been tweaking our videos for the best possible viewing on computer screens and new HD TV’s.

For a brief run down, the old standard Standard Definition videos shot were 720×480 with a non-square pixel format. Computer screens and new HD screens are a perfect square pixel which means that SD videos just didnt look quite right. Windows Media player would convert videos automatically to show correctly, but its better to convert SD to a square pixel aspect ratio so every device plays the videos correctly. After much reading and hair pulling, I finally got the formula down pat and basically I uncompress our clips and recompress to 640×480 with a square pixel adjustment and then resharpen and thus far our members say the clips look better than when we first posted them.

Also we have taken the time to put our clips in various formats such as WMV and MP4 so our members can take our clips with them on various portable devices. I use all Adobe programs and Premiere Pro has been a life send although I understand for alot of people it may be a bit overkill and the price may be a bit much. But since we use Adobe for web design, photo editing, and many other of their programs, its nice to keep it simple and stick with their software cause it all flows easily together. And now that our new stuff is being shot on two HD cameras, Adobe takes it and spits it out in useable form very quickly. ANd thats tonights post. Hope you get a little bit of what I do and I am attaching a link or two so you can read up on the super cramped explaination I gave you about square and non-square PAR.

What we use in our work flows in most everything you see.

Want to add that in order to do what we do, you do not need to spend tons of money to get the same results. It just was easy for me to grasp Adobes programs and how to manipulate my projects with them. Some use Final Cut Pro and there are others, but when you find what works, its easier to keep with it. At a $2500 intitial price it is steep, and we upgrade $900 every other release. First Adobe 7.0, then CS2 and now CS4 and we will upgrade when CS6 is released. What we do is set aside 10% of our revenues and dedicate them to software, hardware, cameras, laptops, PC’s, etc to keep up to date. Having a plan like that helps in keeping ahead to where you can then focus on the content.